“Submitting to Allah” by Nurnazida Nazri | Book Review

Last time, I reviewed her book “Candle in the Wind” which I thought was heart-warming. This time around I am reviewing her first book “Submitting to Allah” which is a much shorter read. It is simple and easy to understand.

As she has dedicated this book to her students, the advice found in the book is related to letting go of the past and moving forward. The main theme of her advice was being grateful and to never, ever lose hope.

She has written some beautiful poetry about life and what hardships may mean to us at the end of each chapter. One of her analogies is comparing moving forward and to taking some plaster off of our skins.

“To move forward is like taking a plaster off of your skin. The pain seems unbearable at that point of time but you will feel relieved later on. Sometimes, after removing the plaster, there will be a scar left on your skin” – Nurnazida Nazri, Submitting to Allah

I found it to be a casual read and one that you can finish within a day or one that you can revisit if you need some words of encouragement. The only thing that I wish I could get more from the book was how she could’ve told some more stories about hardships (in the form of true story or fable) and what letting go could come out of it.

Then again, maybe it was her aim to make it as casual as possible.
She’s a Malaysian author and if you would like to support her work then you can find her book from Amazon, Smashwords and E-Sentral (for South East Asian region). There’s also a Malay version titled “Berserah kepada Allah” which can be found at the same websites.
Til then, happy reading!

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