Syaza M. is the name.

She’s (mildly social) introvert whose best(est) buds are her cats.

A geology grad (a title that she will carry until she gets a geology-related job. Or not) who considers herself a writer first before anything else. In the meantime, she writes while babysitting at the same time. An aspiring author, in the midst of WIP and always on the journey towards self-growth and betterment.

As hobbies, she travels when she can afford to and read books in between. She also hauls on notebooks and journals for different purposes in her life that would either become an antique (because she doesn’t write on it since it’s too pretty) or a mess. She also has a habit of approaching and petting sleeping cats as her way to deal with anxiety and unnecessary overthinking.

Coffee is her oil that gets her brain working in the morning but she has grown some likings over tea over the years as an afternoon or evening beverage (especially milk tea or thai iced tea or teh tarik!).

This blog is a mix of all things that she loves with sprinkles of faith and her outlook on life from the eyes of a curious Muslim.

Other than that, she is just an average Bruneian Muslim much like a tiny speck in a massive universe.